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Welcome to *project
The online project page of D-Force (David H. Kristensen) and current mainpage of Departure.dk

You can find all my different projects here - including document languages, image pattern synthesizers & lots more ;) I'm also writing up some tutorials about Objective-C and OpenStep (GNUStep, Cocoa) and have included my C++ tutorials from FutureMark.

And finally, you can actually also find some of my music here :P Don't forget to turn your speaker volume down, it might be a bit scary :D

News Updates
The new site has been launched! It's now the main page of departure.dk (i figure that'd be smarter) and has a bit of new content. I'll add more when I bother ;) z2html 1.4 has also been launched (with the aid of Dan Ponte - THANKS DAN!!!) with few new features :) - and it's STILL BSD-licensed :D
Check it out!