Linear Programming Language    
Welcome to the SIGI project page
SIGI is a proof-of-concept project by David H. Kristensen, to show that programming languages don't need massive standard libraries or an extremely overexaggerated syntax to be useful.

SIGI is, inherently, a very small language. Whereas other languages take great pride in very readily accessible syntaxes. SIGI's greatest forte is the very small syntax and the general notion that illegal characters simply are ommited. The interpreter doesn't make a problem of them.

This page represents the current, ongoing development of SIGI, the programming language. If you are interested in helping out development of SIGI and it's interpreter, you should definitely e-mail me at: For your information, the SIGI interpreter is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license, to ensure full code liberation for commercial or noncommercial applications.

Example SIGI program
The following code prints out the full ASCII table:
n(+c>>a p<<0)n
If you want to see a more complete (yet concise) reference, annotated with examples, you should check out the reference documents available in PostScript and PDF formats on this page.

SIGI Interpreter 1.0: GZipped Tar / Zip
SIGI Reference: PostScript / PDF

The SIGI interpreter requires nothing but a working C compiler and shell to compile and execute (no specific architecture, C library and/or compiler).

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