The <farea> tag is the way of formatting text in Z and is short for formatting area.

It is, shortly described, a CSS wrapper with 1 subtag, fstyle which contains:
  font (Earlier Z: ffont) - the name of the font of the formatting area
  fontsize (Earlier Z: fssize) - the size of the font in pixels
  color (Earlier Z: fcolor) - the color of the font (note: language convention is US English)
  bgcolor (Earlier Z: fbgclr) - the background color of the formatting area

After the fstyle block with subtags, there must be entered some sort of textual data.

Any of the formatting tags (font, fontsize, color and bgcolor) can be omitted.

This is formatted text, (Verdana, Arial | 14 | blue | #EEEEEE)

   <font>Verdana, Arial</font>
This is formatted text, (Verdana, Arial | 14 | blue | #EEEEEE)</farea>

   <font> Font name </font>
   <fontsize> Font size in pixels </fontsize>
   <color> Font color </color>
   <bgcolor> Background color </bgcolor>
Formatted text </farea>

Related tags:
   - <italic>

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