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So this page is about the boring me :)
I'm 15 years old, my name's David H. Kristensen and I live in a city called Aalborg on the tip of Denmark.

I go to a private catholic school and attend music composition classes in my spare time - as well as play in an alternative rock band, be an avid computer user and programmer...

If you want to find me on IRC, you'll have to look out on -> irc.freenode.net <-, channels #freebsd, #gnustep, #macdev or... -> irc.futuremark.com <- #futuremark :)

My e-mail adress is northen AT gmail DOT com (no @. because of damn spammers)

I've got a Motorola A925 UMTS phone, call me anytime :P +45 3112 2979
That was pretty much me...