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Z Document Language

  About Z
Z is a free-software, open, easy and fun document writing language adhering to such standards as XML and SGML.

  About z2html
z2html is the translator, which takes a Z document, parses it and produces a fully XHTML1.1-compliant output document.

  Portability and Size
The main idea of Z is portability and small size; an example Z document may take about 2 kilobytes in its Z-stage, and more than 6 kilobytes if anyone were to write it in XHTML. Z also supports CSS, document sections and many other useful and advanced features without expending simplicity. Z compiles and runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, *BSD, Amiga and many other platforms. z2html can also be built as a very simple library (libzhtml).

A whole language manual is available for Z - documenting all available tags. It is included in the software package, but you can also view it online

  Suitable for developers and learners
Z and z2html is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. This gives you, as a developer, power to do many things to the program code, which is written in well-documented C-code (which is ideal for learners). If you're a program developer and wish to use Z to document your next application, you'll quickly discover exactly how easy and fast Z is.

- z2html Release 1.4

- Mac OSX 10.3 Panther

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