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The Z Document Language is a powerful and quickly learned document writing language slightly reminiscent of docbook and similar SGML/XML documentation formats.
It adheres to current SGML and XML standards and provides a very easy and umambiguous syntax for writing clean, standards-compliant documentation with a minimum of tag usage.

The bundled translator (z2html) translates Z input code to compliant XHTML 1.1, and the translator also comes with a full Z language manual (translated from Z to HTML at installation time to conserve tarball space)

Z is clearly a language that has some potential, especially because of the relatively unambiguous syntax and very easy-to-learn concepts. It has a few weaknesses, and therefore I hope that someone eventually will bring a few contributions to the Z code (which, by the way, is excellent for C learners because of the very newcomer-friendly commenting)

Available options:
  • z2html 1.3 (Bzipped) (Released under the BSD license)
  • View the Z Language Manual online (Released under the GNU Free Documentation License)

    On a side note, i'm trying to get z2html added to the Free Software Foundations software directory